Is it 2019 or 1989? Shopping at Target

Have you noticed that what kids are wearing now a days is what you used to wear in middle/high school?? Or for those young ins reading this elementary school. Some of the things I see kids wearing, could have been taken directly from my closet 30 years ago! I recently went to Target with my... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of My Baby

The last 14 years have flown by. I am still in shock that my baby just graduated from 8th grade. I mean where did the time go? It was just yesterday that she was sitting on my lap reading books together, fighting over the line in her socks and struggling to do her hair. Now... Continue Reading →

Run Girl Run!

Rylee is finally getting off her ass and doing a sport this season! Thank goodness! She has been doing nothing but sitting around and enjoying endless amounts of screen time. She is either on her phone, her laptop, her IPad or watching Netflix on the TV. Usually it is a combination of 2-3 of these.... Continue Reading →

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