At Least They Can Feed Themselves- a typical day with my teens

Today started like every other weekday this summer.  I woke up, made coffee, walked the dog and turned on my computer.  I was getting things accomplished and working very productively. It was a pretty quiet morning and nothing out of the ordinary was going on.   We have taken in our nephew’s dog “temporarily” until he... Continue Reading →

A Day at My House

I am not here to judge you or your parenting style. Everyone has their own unique way to parent their teens. Each family is different and they have their own tricks of the trade. I would just like people to get a glimpse inside my world as a mom of two teens. I am not... Continue Reading →

Gossiping Girls

Last night on the way home, my daughter turns to me and says that she loves our talks in the car. She said it is like the car is our safe haven and we can talk about whatever and whoever we want and it is just us listening. That warmed my heart! We do have... Continue Reading →

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