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Tools to Help You Survive the Teenage Years

Fall Bucket List to do with your teen:

Looking for a list of fun ideas that you and your teen can do together this fall? Here is a list of 10 thinks that everyone will enjoy.

Teen Passwords:

Here is a place where you can save all of your teens user ID’s passwords. Keep track of all of their games, devices and social media sites.

Cell Phone Contract:

Use this contract when you purchase your child a cell phone. It explains the rules of using the phone and what is expected of them. It also explains that you pay the bill and have to right to confiscate the phone at any time.

Quick Guide-Commonly Used Drugs:

Do you know what drugs are out there and what the slang that kids are using now? Here is a quick guide to help you decipher it all.

Get of Grounding Points Chart:

Did you just ground your teen and want them to learn from their mistakes? Here is a tracker for them to do chores and acts of kindness to earn points. Once they earn enough points they can be off grounding.

Rules for Dating My Son:

You can hang this in your home when your son decides to bring a girl home. Make sure she reads it and understands who the first woman in his life was.

Example of Unschooling Transcript:

This is my first experience with writing an Unschooling transcript. I am, by no means, an expert. This is just for reference so you can see what I did.

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