Because I Said So!

Because I said so, was the most hated statement said by my parents when I was growing up. I used to get so angry when they would utter those words. I use to think that they didn’t have a reason to say no, so they would just sprew that out. I mean there couldn’t have been a logical reason for me not to go to a party, right?

Making Dough

I have dreamed of owning a KitchenAide mixer for several years now. I wanted it to make homemade buttercream frosting, for cake decorating. However, I just couldn't justified the cost with the amount of cakes I was making. That fantasy was pushed aside and continued to use my hand mixer. Then I started getting really... Continue Reading →

Five years ago my family and I moved to Barnstead, NH; everyone thought we were crazy moving to the middle of no where. We had lived in a few towns in NH and we just were sick of society. We wanted a better place for a children to grow up. We wanted to try to... Continue Reading →

Working from home has so many advantages and I am so fortunate for the opportunity to do so. It gives me a lot of freedom to attend my kid’s school activities and sporting events. I can take a little time during the day to take my daughter to the orthodontist and make up the time... Continue Reading →

My Kids’ Bitch

I realized this morning when I got a text from my son that I have become my kids’ bitch. I woke my son up for school and went about my business. I have a routine that I follow every day, not to miss anything. I get the kids up and go into the kitchen to... Continue Reading →

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