Anniversary Stress

This year marks my 10 year anniversary! I know. Yay for us, right? I am so happy we made it this far and we have had a bumpy road at times, but we work on it and remain in love. For a long time, I was adamant that I wanted to renew our vows at... Continue Reading →

Just Do What You're Told!

When I was a teenager I was required to do chores every day and more extensive chores on the weekend. My father made sure the dishes were washed, dried and put away every night. There was no constant reminder or asking 12 times. We just did it, or else. Of course my father was abusive... Continue Reading →

Bullied Myself

I saw a video on Facebook yesterday that was so disturbing to me. It was about an experiment that was done at Burger King, where a teenage boy was being bullied and picked on by 3 other boys. Meanwhile the staff was "bullying" the burgers they were serving (smashing them and such). The video showed... Continue Reading →

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