A Halt to Our Plans

Since the wide spread panic of COVID-19 all of our homesteading plans have halted. Those of you that follow my Youtube channel, know that we had made the choice to finish projects and remodel our mobile home, so that we can move to our dream property. This was a big step for us, since we... Continue Reading →

Wait, What? A Porta Potty?

We spend a quiet weekend up north in beautiful Columbia, NH.  A relative of ours and his 3 children all made the long drive up north to enjoy some quality time.  I will admit when I first heard there was no internet, phone or cell service at the camp, I was less than impressed.  I... Continue Reading →

I Can Have A Life Too??

Since my kids are getting older, I am having a hard time coming to the realization that they just don’t need me anymore. I know that I am their mom and they will always need me! I am not feeling sorry for myself of being sad. I am just facing reality that they don’t need me to... Continue Reading →

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