Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Man Actually Wants

1. Jerky Bouquet These are fabulous gifts that are really cool looking. They are shaped like flowers, but made out of jerky. There are a few different flavor options and they even have bacon roses. You can add a "man card" bottle open to your order as well. It is a fabulous idea for the... Continue Reading →

Wait, What? A Porta Potty?

We spend a quiet weekend up north in beautiful Columbia, NH.  A relative of ours and his 3 children all made the long drive up north to enjoy some quality time.  I will admit when I first heard there was no internet, phone or cell service at the camp, I was less than impressed.  I... Continue Reading →

I Can Have A Life Too??

Since my kids are getting older, I am having a hard time coming to the realization that they just don’t need me anymore. I know that I am their mom and they will always need me! I am not feeling sorry for myself of being sad. I am just facing reality that they don’t need me to... Continue Reading →

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