Make Hosting Thanksgiving Easy

I love to host Thanksgiving dinner or friendsgiving every year.  I just love enjoying leftovers for days after the dinner. I also love that I don’t have to get dressed up or even leave the house if I don’t want to. Even though I enjoy having friends and family over there are a few things... Continue Reading →

Baseball Mom Must Haves

Baseball Bag-You need a bag to carry all your gear in and have handy so when practice or game times comes, you are ready. This one even lets you put your player's name on in. Water Bottles- Not only do you need an extra for your player, but you need one for yourself. I am... Continue Reading →

10 Amazon Gift Ideas for Teens-$25 or Less

1. Wireless earbuds I don’t know about your teen, but mine are always losing their earbuds and want to borrow mine, or their fathers or even worse, steal them from each other. So, my first pick is some quality inexpensive earbuds2. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Along the same lines, this hat that has Bluetooth capabilities so... Continue Reading →

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