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5 Cheap Crafts to Do While Babysitting

1. Alphabet Rocket This is a fun and inexpensive project  All you need is scissors, glue and construction paper.  You could add fun stickers if you wanted to. They can spell things like mom, dad, their name or other fun words. 2. Love Hand Print Sign This is a great idea for Valentine's Day.  You... Continue Reading →

Building a homestead doesn't magically appear overnight. It is a lot of work and planning. As you know our first step was to buy the land. Now we are in the process of building our new home. So, what do I do in the meantime? Well, I am learning new skills and trying to be... Continue Reading →

Five years ago my family and I moved to Barnstead, NH; everyone thought we were crazy moving to the middle of no where. We had lived in a few towns in NH and we just were sick of society. We wanted a better place for a children to grow up. We wanted to try to... Continue Reading →

Working from home has so many advantages and I am so fortunate for the opportunity to do so. It gives me a lot of freedom to attend my kid’s school activities and sporting events. I can take a little time during the day to take my daughter to the orthodontist and make up the time... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Things Moms Have To Look Forward to When They Return From a Trip Without Their Family

5. Hugs and Kisses from your kidsNo matter how long you have been gone one day, one week or one month. Your kids have missed you and will at least give you a hug when you return. My kids are teenagers and I was recently gone for 3 nights and when I got home they... Continue Reading →

Preparing My Kids to Move Out

I have been trying to prepare my kids to move the hell out of my house since they could walk. I don’t want them living with me forever, that’s for sure. I mean when they are 18-see ya later! If they are in college, okay they can come back and visit during breaks and summers,... Continue Reading →

My Kids’ Bitch

I realized this morning when I got a text from my son that I have become my kids’ bitch. I woke my son up for school and went about my business. I have a routine that I follow every day, not to miss anything. I get the kids up and go into the kitchen to... Continue Reading →

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