5 Things To Do On The Homestead in The Winter

  1. Crafts: Sewing, Crocheting, knitting, Etc.

This is something that I have just started getting into the last couple of years.  I am currently really working hard on crochet.  I have made so many fun projects.  I have also done some sewing, but I really need to work on that skill.  You can make a ton of useful items and gifts, so why not spend the cold months inside being creative?

  1. Cooking from Scratch/Baking

I really enjoy cooking and baking and I have been cooking food from scratch for several years.  I dabbled with sour dough for a little while, but I let that go over the summer and really need to get that going again.  I make my own sandwich bread, bagels and rolls.  It is always nice to make an apple crisp or pie and have the house smell naturally delicious. You want to learn how to make bagels, check out my video here. I also have a hamburger bun video here.

  1. Plan your garden

If you are starting new this year, you need to know where to put your garden, what you are going to grow and how much of it you are going to grow.  I did a video last year of where I wanted to put my garden and why we choice that spot. There are some many useful books, Youtube videos and blogs to help you with this.  Please do your own research on this, but some things that I found helpful were:

Roots and Refuge Farm.

Weed’em & Reap

Homesteading Family-they have a website and Youtube channel

Raised Bed and Container Gardening for Beginners

  1. Build or Refurbish furniture

Since we moved into our new home in November of 2021, I have wanted a bar height table and chairs to go in my breakfast nook.  I found the most amazing bar stools at a flea market over the summer and needed a table to match. So, I scoured Facebook Marketplace to find the perfect height table.  I found one, but it was not the look or color I wanted, so I bought it for $40, sanded and painted it. Now it is my favorite piece of furniture.

  1. Make Homemade Cleaners or Beauty Products

Did you know that you can make a great smelling pine cleaner out of your christmas tree branches?  Yes, just pull some branches off, stick them in a jar, pour white vinegar over the top, then close it up.  Put it in a dark spot for about 4-8 weeks.  Then use as a multi-purpose cleaner.  You can also do the same thing with orange peels or lemon peels.

I have made a few times and I love that you can play around with different scents.  I haven’t made any lotions or soap, but I am hoping to add that to my repertoire next year.

What are you doing this winter? Did you learn any new skills? Any suggestions on what I can learn next?


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