Quick Last Minute Costumes For Your Teen

You know what time it is? The night before Halloween and your teen just informed you they are invited to a Halloween party and they need a costume. It is 8:00 at night and you still haven’t eaten dinner. It is raining and it is crappy out. Who feels like dealing with the Halloween store or Walmart? I guess you could go to Target, but you know what that means, $200 out the window. I mean who can get out of Target without spending all the money?

You are in luck my friends, over the years I have become the Queen of last minute Halloween costumes. I am going to provide you a list of costumes that you can put together with what you already own or something you can grab from the local pharmacy or dollar store.

  1. A worker- if your child already has a job and has to wear some kind of an apron and/or uniform, they can wear that. My daughter used to work at Dunkin Donuts so that could be a costume

2. A Rabbit- All you need is a white or pink T-shirt, construction paper and an old headband. Cut out the ears and attach them to your headband with glue (I used my hot glue gun), cut out a circle for the belly and glue that on your shirt. For the tail if you have an old hat you could cut the pom-pom off or cut up an old sock. In the picture below my daughter is Stich and her friend went as Lilo.

3. Motorcycle Rider- This is simple and great for guys. You need a motorcycle/4wheeler helmet, sunglass, jeans, shirt and boots. If you have a leather jacket that is even better.

4. Skateboarder- Another good one for the guys. You could basically wear whatever you want and just carry a skateboard around. Van sneakers are really popular right now and are perfect for this.

5. Death Angel/Regular Angel–For this one you may have to leave your house to get supplies. Put on an all black outfit, buy some black wings and a black halo. You can also do white if you want a more classic angel look.

6. 50’s style–You can achieve this in a lot of different ways. For guys a white T-shirt with the sleeves rolled, jeans, black shoes and greased back hair. Again a leather jacket would be great here too. The girls have a couple of different options. My daughter had a semi-formal at school one year and the theme was the 50’s. So, we bought her a 50’s style dress that could be used again for Halloween. You could also go the “Pink Ladies” route. You would need to get a pink cardigan sweater or a pink satin jacket. You pair the jacket with some black leggings and a scarf for your neck. You put your hair in a ponytail and add another scarf if you want.

7. A Race Car Driver–We happen to have a race car suit, but you could use a snowmobile outfit and a helmet.

8. Devil-the classic devil can be achieved fairly cheap. I have seen the horns and tails sold at dollar stores everywhere, wear all red and if you have it a cape.

9. Vampire- Wear all black, get a cape and fangs.

10. A business woman/man-Guys can wear suits, or just a shirt and Tie. Girls wear pencil skirt with a blazer or a cardigan sweater, put on some fake glasses (if you don’t have them already) and wear your hair in a low ponytail.

11. Zombie- You can basically wear any old clothes. If you don’t care about them you can pour fake blood on them. Get some make up and create lesions, cuts and paleness on your face. Some stores even sell zombie sticker kits.

12. A baby or child- Put on some cute pajamas or night gown, put your hair in pigtails, suck on a pacifier if you want, draw some freckles with eyeliner if you feel like it and carry around a teddy bear. You can also carry a baby bottle and fill it with water.

13. An old Person- This is good for both guys and girls. Buy some silver hair spray and spray your hair. If you have them put longer hair in rollers. Put on some pajamas or a nightgown, put a bathrobe over it, pair it with slippers. It would be even better if you could find a cane or a walker.

15. A Cat/tiger–There are a lot of the onesie pajamas out there now and you can basically just wear that and be good. However, if you want to add a little more to the outfit, that is great too. You could add whiskers with black eyeliner and buy a headband with ears.

I hope these ideas help inspire you to look through your closet. There are a lot of things in there that can be useful for Halloween costumes. Just because it is last minute doesn’t mean it has to be lame.Q


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