First Real Sewing Project

As some of you may know, due to a possible move, I did not start a spring garden this year. This has freed up some time in my social calendar, not that I really have a social life. With all this new found time I decided to learn some new skills. I decided I wanted to learn to sew and make some clothes. I had seen so many videos on Youtube that showed people completing thrift flips and sewing some amazing things.

How hard could it be really?? I dug right in and headed to the craft store to pick up some fabric. I decided I was going to start off making my husband some pajama pants. I found some really soft fleece Patriots fabric. I watched a video about making pajama pants without a pattern. I followed the instructions and was so proud of myself, until I removed them from the sewing machine and held them up. There was something off and I just couldn’t figure out what. I handed them to my husband and asked them to try them on. Can you tell what I did wrong??

This is just one leg!

I clearly made them too big! LOL! I ripped out the stitching and did some cutting. You can’t really tell from the picture below, but one leg is bigger than the other. My daughter was so sweat and said that she would wear them. However, I later found them on the top shelf in the back of her closet.

I was determined to make some damn pajama pants at this point. I mean I couldn’t continue to let my family joke on me for the Patriot pants. I headed back to the craft store with my daughter. We decided I was going to make us matching pajama pants. We decided on two coordinating fabrics of red and black plaid. I also took my husband’s advice and bought an actual pattern for the pants.

The woman at the craft store was so helpful. She helped explain the information on the pattern package. She showed me how to find how much fabric I needed, what materials I needed and what type of fabric would be good to use for the pattern. I was so appreciative, I felt a lot more confident leaving the store.

I sat down that night and started reading the instructions and watched some more videos on how to read pattern instructions. It looked so confusing with all the arrows, triangles and dotted lines. After doing my research, it turns out they really are actually pretty easy to read.

Now it it was time to get started. I started cutting out my patterns, which I think I might have made a mistake in one of the pant leg. Which I will talk about later.

That night all I did was cut the patterns and pin them to my fabric. Than my husband asked if we all wanted to go get ice-cream. I mean, how could I say no? When we got home I started to second guess myself and thought that I had pinned the patters incorrectly. So, I unpinned the patterns and called it a night. I didn’t come back to the project for several days.

Finally, last night I decided I was going to get these pants done. I gathered all my supplies and sat down. That is when I noticed I didn’t have black or red thread! UGH! How do I not have black thread?? So, I decided to use the navy thread that I had used for the Patriot pants. It is pretty dark and I really couldn’t see a difference on the finished pants.

I cut out both pant legs, put them right side together and started to pin them. When I got to the crotch area I noticed that they didn’t match up at all. One was way bigger than the other by like an inch or so. I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal, so I cut the bigger pant leg to match the other one.

The sewing process actually went pretty smooth, which I was so surprised by. I thought for sure I was going to break a needle or have to re thread the machine a dozen times, but nothing happened. I was feeling pretty good at this point. I finished assembling the pants and now it was time to try them on.

I pulled up the pants and they felt a little weird around the booty area and they felt a little snug around my thighs, but overall they were awesome! Now it was time to put the elastic in so I could wear them. This is where I started having some issues. I knew that the butt area of the pants were a little snug and I didn’t want to take any more material then necessary to hem the top and add the elastic. So, I measured the width of the elastic and I measured the casing. I sewed it up with no real issues.

Now, I needed to get the elastic into the casing. I put a safety pin on the elastic and struggled to get the damn thing all the way in. I finally got it in and the pants were all bunched up and I tried to stretch out the waist and it just wouldn’t budge. That is when I noticed that I didn’t make the casing wide enough to give the elastic room to move! So, what was my bright idea to fix the problem?

Needless to say this didn’t work!

Yeah, this didn’t work, the elastic was all twisted and just wasn’t working. Being the savvy person that I am (yeah right), I decided to use some black ribbon that I had on hand. Performed the same process and the ribbon worked!

Now it was time to try on the pants and hope that they actually fit and I could wear them.

Well, I am pretty damn proud of myself. I need to check my patterns before I make another pair to adjust the smaller pant leg. Overall, I think I did a great job for the first time ever using a sewing pattern. I am looking forward to building this skill and making my daughter’s coordinating pants.

Have you ever used a sewing pattern? Do you have any tips or tricks to help a newbie out?


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