Make Hosting Thanksgiving Easy

I love to host Thanksgiving dinner or friendsgiving every year.  I just love enjoying leftovers for days after the dinner. I also love that I don’t have to get dressed up or even leave the house if I don’t want to.

Even though I enjoy having friends and family over there are a few things that I dread after the festivities are over. I mean who likes to do dishes?  How do I send people home with food, without depleting my tuperware collection?  

Well I have some great ideas to help you solve all these problems and have a carefree holiday this year.

1. Thanksgiving Leftover containers-so they don’t take your containers home

2. EcoEarth Gold Plastic Plates, silverware and cup set-disposable

3. Apron to keep your clothes clean before dinner

4. Non Stick Roaster Pan-that comes with a carving set

5. Turkey Baster-with cleaning brush

6. Triple Timer-time 3 dishes at once

7. Food Thermometer-make sure that turkey is cooked

8. Large Cooler-save refrigerator space

9. Hot Plate Warming Tray-keep your sides warm

10. Extra Chairs-now you can finally have a place for everyone to sit


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