Is it 2019 or 1989? Shopping at Target

Have you noticed that what kids are wearing now a days is what you used to wear in middle/high school?? Or for those young ins reading this elementary school. Some of the things I see kids wearing, could have been taken directly from my closet 30 years ago!

I recently went to Target with my niece and my daughter and I was shocked at some of the ugly ass shit kids are wearing today. I am pretty sure these yellow corduroy pants were something that I hid in the back of my closet so I wouldn’t ever have to wear.

I mean my daughter’s face says it all.

As I was walking through the aisles of clothes I reminisced about the terrible years I spent in middle and high school. It was making my skin crawl. Then I started to remember how horrible the fashion was back then. We continued to browse and show each other the ridiculous items we found on the racks. We started to laugh and it became a competition to see who could find the most horrible item.

I am pretty sure my sister owned these exact pants in high school!

I did notice that the designers did try to put a modern twist on these 80’s fashions. Mostly they just decided to cut the bottoms of the sweaters off by like 8 inches. I remember wearing oversize shaker knit sweaters with .stretch pants (leggings as they are referred to now). It was not really trendy back then to have your ass not covered. Now a days leggings are see through and sweaters are short enough for your belly to show.

I did not have any snake skinned clothing when I was growing up, because I just didn’t run with the head banger crowd. However, I knew a lot of people and relatives that did own a LOT! Apparently, this is now main stream and very trendy to wear.

How many of you remember wearing jump suits and overalls when you were little and looking so adorable? They were just the eponymy of innocence. Well, not anymore! They make them in leather and extremely short, so apparently they are “sexy”. I am not going to lie though, the jean overalls are damn cute and I would totally rock those!

Now let’s talk about outer wear. Think back on all the wonderful winter jackets you owned. Do you remember the long wool coats, wind breakers and starter jackets? Well, they are back!

Who could ever forget the acid wash jeans that were oh so famous? They came in all different kinds of styles, including zippers at the ankle and the fold over buttons on the top. Oh how I loved my acid wash jeans that I had to lay on the bed and pull the zipper up with a hanger! They are back in style but not nearly as awesome as they were when I was younger!

This brings me to the most cringe worthy item to come back in style. I personally never wore one of these nor would I ever! I didn’t think they were cool back then and I certainly don’t now. This is the infamous fanny pack. They of course are not called fanny packs anymore. Designers are trying to make them more appealing by calling them belly bags or belt packs. Well, they are not fooling me, those are freaking fanny packs!

In conclusion, you should never get rid of any of your clothes because in 20 to 30 years they will come back in style. Have you kept any of your clothes from high school? Do you still fit into them? What is your favorite style from growing up?

I personally can’t wait for the 50’s to come back in style, with poodle skirts, saddle shoes and the pink ladies’ jackets.


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