Mother’s Day Hype

Every year there are thousands of posts and pictures all over social media with all the gifts and wonderful things mom’s are getting for mother’s day. Is this what most moms crave? Are mom’s really getting diamond bracelets and expensive gifts every year?

Yes, I believe that mother’s should be appreciated and deserve gifts, of course. However, I would rather have my children appreciate me all year and not be forced to show me an overload of gratitude one day a year. I mean if they are showing me that they love me all year round, then a simple hug and a happy mother’s day is enough for me.

Also, why are mom’s getting extravagant gifts? Do these items really say I love you? Yes they gave birth to the children. Yes, labor sucks! However, are we supposed to be praised for this for the rest of that child’s life? Realistically, do you really remember how much pain you were in during birth??? If it was that bad why did you have a second? If you are in a partnership with your significant other, then you should both be doing equal work when it comes to the children, so why is the woman deserving of diamonds and dad gets a tie?

I am not saying that a beautiful gift every now and then is not amazing, but it shouldn’t be expected every single mother’s day. I would rather have my children do something nice for me or spend some time with me for mother’s day. My children are teens, so them actually spending quality time with me is a gift in itself.

My kids helped me plant my garden for mother’s day. We laid down the woven fabric, planted seeds, planted seedlings, pick up rocks and transplanted raspberry bushes. It was a few hours out of their day and it meant more to me then they will ever know.

My daughter also wrote a very nice post on social media and added a few picture of us together. I think this is huge because she is a teen and it is not cool to be seen “loving” your mom.

So, to all the woman that got jewelry and fancy dinners, you go girl! You deserve every appreciation in the world, but me I want things simple. I want my family to spend time with me, which means so much more than monetary gifts. I know that my kids love me everyday and my family shows me on a regular basis how much I mean to them.

As my kids get older I want them to know that time spent with me is the only gift I will ever need. Even when they have moved out, a simple visit and dinner at home, is what I will need the most. I want them to talk to me and tell me about their lives and what is going on. Anyone can go to a jewelry store and have the clerk provide them with options for mother’s day, but a time spent with loved ones, is worth way more than anything bought in a store.

What did you do for mother’s day? Did you get to spend quality time with your family?


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