May I have Some Seeds Please?

I know that I am a little late with planting my seeds. I was consumed with trying to find the right flowers, herbs and vegetables to plant, so the planning phase interfered with the actual planting phase.

My garden was all planned out and I had decided what was going to planted next what. I knew what plants would repel which bugs. I had designed the garden and the lay out. Now all I needed was that actual seeds.

I always try to shop locally and I try to avoid the big box stores. I decided on the local feed store, Clarks Grain Store. I thought it was going to be easy. I had a list of the seeds I needed and saw the seed display. I found the majority of my seeds right away, but then I noticed that there were several varieties of each plant. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of carrots. I didn’t know what I wanted or which carrots I liked. I just guessed, fingers crossed the varieties I chose are tasty. It wasn’t just the carrots either, every vegetable I was planting had several different varieties.

My next problem was trying to find the herbs and flowers I wanted to repel bugs and pests. Of course, lavender and basil were easy to find, but I couldn’t find the Crown Imperial flower I planned on using to repel rodents. Now I need to find a replacement plant to deter rabbits, mice, moles, voles and squirrels. I have been reading that daffodils may help. So, I am considering adding these flowers into the garden. I am not sure what else I could use, if anything.

Another thing I discovered, I cannot plant garlic in the spring. Apparently, garlic is planted in the mid fall. What other plant can I use to fill that void? I clearly didn’t do my research there or when I decided I wanted to plant lemongrass. Those of you that live in the northeast and garden know how I screwed up there. Lemongrass is a sub-tropical plant and do NOT like the cold. Now I have two free spots in the garden.

My main concern in the garden and lawn are ticks. We have a ton of ticks in our yard. Last year you couldn’t go in the grass at all without have at least 2-3 on you. I really wanted to plant items in the garden that would help with tick control. I know that chickens help with this, but until the house is built, purchasing chickens is on hold.

So, what can I grow? I am thinking Rosemary, ticks don’t like the smell and I can use it in cooking. The rest of the empty space I will just fill with seeds I already have. I mean can you ever have enough tomatoes or cucumbers?

Next on the agenda is to plant my seed potatoes in two big bins. I haven’t found the right bin yet, but I bought some russet seed potatoes and I can’t wait for them to form eyes.

What are you planting in your garden? Do you have any suggestions for what I should plant? What do you use as a natural bug and pest repellent?


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