Baseball Mom Must Haves

  • Baseball Bag-You need a bag to carry all your gear in and have handy so when practice or game times comes, you are ready. This one even lets you put your player’s name on in.
  • Water Bottles– Not only do you need an extra for your player, but you need one for yourself. I am not sure why but all the kids on my son’s team have these Gatorade ones.
  • Bug Spray- Yes the Deet stuff works, but is so not good for you. Coleman makes a Deet free natural based insect repellent.
  • Sun Screen– Of course you need the stuff that doesn’t sweat off. This Neurtrogena Sport 70 is sweat-resistant that keeps the skin cool while protecting you from the sun. It lets the skin breathe.
  • Misting Fan– Deep into the season it gets HOT out there. Sometimes there is no shade and you are just baking. These things give a nice refreshing spray of mist to cool you off for a little bit.
  • A Comfortable Chair– You need a place to sit that isn’t on those uncomfortable, hard bleachers. Plus this folding chair has a canopy attachment that can provide you some much needed shade during those double headers.
  • Umbrella– As many moms know that if it starts to sprinkle and they are in the middle of the game, they won’t call it. If the field isn’t too muddy and the players can see, the game will go on. So, always be prepared and keep an umbrella with you.
  • Blanket– A lot of times games will start in 75 degree weather and before you know it it is 50 and you are freezing in your capri pants and flip flops. So, a nice cozy blanket is always nice to have on hand. It is nice to have warmer blankets as back ups in the car, but a picnic blanket is always a good idea because it is water proof for those games in the rain.
Why not get your last name on your blanket?
  • Snacks- always bring plenty of snacks. I try to bring proportioned snacks that are easy to open and that won’t get dirty. Granola bars, nuts, trail mix, fruit, pretzels. Whatever your kid will eat.
  • Cash for the concession stand-inevitably there will be a night when you are stuck at the field and you didn’t have time to cook. Thank goodness a lot of the fields have concession stands with burgers and dogs. However, come prepare because most likely they only take cash.
  • Hand Sanitizer- It never fails you or your child touches something or uses a porta potty and there is no sink in sight. I keep one in my baseball bag at all times. You can even get one as a key chain.
  • Extra sweatshirt/hoodie-Not just for your player, but for yourself. Sometimes it is a little chilly at night games and you didn’t dress for the temperature change. Always keep an extra in my baseball bag.
  • Dryer Sheets-No, not to make sure your bag stays fresh, but that is a plus. If you rub dryer sheets on your skin it repels mosquitoes and black flies.
  • Sun Glasses- Not just yours but your player’s too. A lot of times the sun is in just the right spot that even their ball cap doesn’t help. So, make sure to keep those in your bag.
  • A First Aid Kit– You never know when your child or another child will get a simple cut or get hit with a fly ball. I like this kit because it has a bigger one I keep in my car and a small one that I can tuck in my bag.

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