Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Man Actually Wants

1. Jerky Bouquet

These are fabulous gifts that are really cool looking. They are shaped like flowers, but made out of jerky. There are a few different flavor options and they even have bacon roses. You can add a “man card” bottle open to your order as well. It is a fabulous idea for the meat lover in your life.

2. Man Crate

These gifts come in sturdy wooden boxes and you need to use an included crow bar to open them. I mean what man doesn’t want to use a tool to open their Valentine’s Day gift? There are several different options to chose from including food, beer and sports gear. There are a ton of options for any interest. How about a zombie survival crate?

3. Beer of The Month Club

If your man enjoys a nice brew after a long day at work, this is the gift for him. They have micro-beers, hoppy beer or international beers. There is even an option to have rare beers sent every month.

4. A grooming Kit

It is not a glamorous gift, but it is useful. Most men don’t want to spend money on personal care items. So, why not take care of your man and get him a nice grooming kit. After all it benefits you as well because he won’t be walking around looking like a wild animal.

5. Lingerie

What man doesn’t want to see their lady in a sexy little nightie?? You can get as exotic as you want with this. A simple satin nightgown, a lacy teddy or a sexy nurse’s outfit. Let your imagination run wild.


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