Top 5 Things Moms Have To Look Forward to When They Return From a Trip Without Their Family

5. Hugs and Kisses from your kids

No matter how long you have been gone one day, one week or one month. Your kids have missed you and will at least give you a hug when you return. My kids are teenagers and I was recently gone for 3 nights and when I got home they both hugged me. Which is surprising because my son never hugs me. He is not very affectionate and doesn’t like to give hugs, kisses or say I love you. So, you know I was missed if I get a 2 second hug from him!

4. A Sink Full of Dishes

You know no one is doing dishes while you’re gone. They are just eating sandwiches and cereal so they could care less if all the pans are dirty. No dishes to use, we can use paper plates. All the forks are dirty we’ll just use a spoon instead. In my house my kids do the dishes every night, however, I need to remind them to do it. Let’s face it why would they want to do the dishes??? So, when I am not home, there is no nagging voice to do the dishes.

3. A Pile of Laundry

No one is doing laundry while you are gone. They will wear all of their emergency clothes and underwear in hopes that you will return before they absolutely run out. This is the one and only time it is acceptable to them to use the same towel more than once. Again, my kids do their own laundry, but if I don’t remind them, it is not getting done. So, I got home last night and there were no clean towels. The kids had used their towels and all of mine! WTH! I wanted to shower before I went to bed, but that didn’t happen.

2. Random Piles of Crap

I will be honest with this one, this happens when I am home as well. However, it seems to be worse when I am not home for a few days. I usually nag or pick all these random items of clothes and put them in the hamper, but when I am not here no one seems to care. Why would they want to live in a clutter free environment? Doesn’t a hair brush belong in the couch cushions? How about empty water bottles all over the kitchen table?

1. Trash Over Flowing

What is it with trash? How does it accumulate so fast? And why is it a game to see how much trash we can fit in the trash can before it explodes? I mean don’t they see the big pile of trash? Don’t they smell that? The first thing I noticed when I walked into the house last night was that awful smell? I was like what the hell is that, my daughter said I don’t know, I think our house just smells like that now! WHAT! Yeah because trash is the new febreeze scent.


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