Top Five Things That Drive Me Crazy About Teenage Girls

1. Hormones

I don’t remember crying that much as a teenager, I mean, I must have right? There are days when I can’t even look at my daughter without the tears flowing. I ask if she wants a snack or if she’s hungry and you would think it was the end of the world! I say hello to her and get the eye roll and the door slammed in my face. I continue to buy her Midol whenever she runs out, but I am not really sure that strong enough. There are days when she won’t talk to anyone and keeps herself barricaded in her bedroom. Then the next day she is all smiles and feels the need to tell me every single story of what happened to every single person in her entire school.

2. Boys

I can’t keep up with who is dating who or who likes who. There is just this constant

revolving door with her friends and these boys. One day Susie likes Jack the next day

Susie likes Tom and Jack Likes Pam, but Pam likes Joe. I am not really thrilled about my daughter “dating”, but I understand that it is going to happen. Right now the extent of her dating are text messages, Facetiming while watching TV, sitting next to each other at lunch, and seeing each other at school dances or sporting events. She isn’t old enough to drive yet and neither are any of the boys she is aloud to date. Thank goodness, I am not sure what I am going to do when that happens. I don’t want her to be driving around with some kid who I don’t even like anyway. That is a whole other story about things I am afraid for when she is old enough to actually go out with boys on official dates!

3. Makeup

I remember when I first started to wear makeup. I usually stole it from my sister or got the cheapest stuff available at the drugstore. I caked that foundation on to cover all of my acne and looked like a total idiot. You could have scrapped the makeup off my face with a butter knife. I had no idea what I was doing, I lived with my father and so that was no help!

In order to prevent this from happening to my daughter, I paid $50 to have someone professionally do her makeup and teach her to apply it properly. Now, I have to spend $30 on foundation and $20 on blush. Seriously! The amount I spend on makeup I should be a makeup artist for Avatar. To top it off I can’t buy her the cheap stuff because she has sensitive skin and she will break out like a pizza. Arbonne is one of my favorite places to purchase quality and natural products. So, yeah, I will continue to pour a shit ton of money into expensive makeup just to avoid the comments from the mean girls. Which brings me to the next item on my list.

4. Mean Girls

Why do girls have to be so mean? Why can’t they just stick to their little cliques and leave everyone else alone. Is it necessary to make fun of someone else’s shoes or coat? Who cares what they are wearing, worry about yourself. It should never be okay to make fun of someone ever! I mean what you say to your mom in your own home is one thing, but to publicly ridicule someone is just shameful! I know that teen girls have self esteem issues and have all kinds of hormonal factors, but it should still never be okay. I teach my daughter that she can say whatever she wants about someone in the privacy of our home, but when she is at school she is to treat everyone with the same respect. I tell her that is not okay to make fun of people or call people names. The only time I have ever given her permission to be nasty or mean to someone is when they have initiated it and continue to be disrespectful to her regardless of her requests for them to stop. Even in that situation it is not really being mean, it is teaching her to stand up for herself.

5. Clothes

Oh how I dread going into Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle. Some of the clothes that they are pitching to teenage girls is downright offensive! Why in the hell does my 14 year old need to be showing off her bare stomach or her cleavage??? Nope! It is unacceptable! However, I am not unreasonable. I understand that their are mean girls and if she doesn’t wear the “in” clothes she will be made fun of. So, I compromise, she is only allowed to wear midriff tops if she is wearing high waisted pants. I don’t have to worry about her showing off too much cleavage because she is very modest and would never walk out of the house showing that! She is allowed to wear leggings but if they are too tight she needs to have a shirt long enough to cover her butt! Also, under no circumstances am I buying her a thong. If she wants to go out and use her hard earned money on that she can, but I refuse! Again she is 14 and there is no need for that! If she is wearing something so tight that you can see panty lines than she needs to go change!

There a lot more things that I could go on and on about with teenage girls, but I will stick to my top five. What are some of the things that your daughter does that drives you batty??


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