My Kids’ Bitch

I realized this morning when I got a text from my son that I have become my kids’ bitch. I woke my son up for school and went about my business. I have a routine that I follow every day, not to miss anything. I get the kids up and go into the kitchen to feed the dog. I then make coffee and get the kids’ breakfast items out. I don’t cook a full breakfast in the morning, but I do get out their Poptarts, cereal or whatever and put it on the counter. I get out their vitamins and place them next to their breakfast. My son usually has cereal and I pour it for him and get out a spoon and set it aside. Then when he gets up I pour the milk in his cereal so it doesn’t get soggy sitting on the counter. I know doesn’t seem all that bad, but my kids are 13 and 14 years old. Yes!!! I know I have created monsters.

So, this morning I poured his cereal and went into my room to start my computer. As most of you know, I work from home. So, I sign on to my computer and get applications open and check my email. Then I go back in the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee. Well, I wasn’t in the kitchen when my son came out of his bedroom, so he texted me from the kitchen. Now mind you, we live in a ranch style home and he could’ve just hollered for me. His text said Mom I need milk. Not please or anything, just that he needed milk!

What any reasonable person would have done is just ignore the text or even respond saying it is in the fridge. Nope, not me! I walked my ass, well hobbled (still limping with my broken ankle) and poured him his damn milk. I did ask him if I he seriously called me out there to pour his milk. He looked at me and smirked. Yup, it’s officially I am now my children’s bitch!

This is not the only reason that I deserve this title either. I drive my daughter to the bus stop every morning and sit in the car waiting for the bus to come so she doesn’t have to stand out in the cold. I was lucky if I got a pair of gloves when I was a kid let alone a ride with heated seats. I also pick my son up from school every afternoon that I am available, even though the bus stop is literally our driveway!

Why do make my son sandwiches every time he asks or pick my kid’s friends up whenever they need rides? Because I don’t ever want them to feel unloved. I want them to know I love them and would do anything for them. So, I do everything in my power to ensure they are happy, cared for and felt loved.

Yes, they are probably taking advantage of me, but they will be out of the house soon and then I will have no one to pour milk for or taxi around. It is the little time that I can sneak in whenever possible that brings me joy. So, I will be their bitch for the next 5 years and when they are gone, I will wish I was somebody’s bitch. However, I am sure my husband would volunteer to help with that.


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