Holiday Party Games That Even Your Teen Will Love

1. Saran Wrap Candy Ball

My sister brought this to our last holiday party and just the teens/tweens played and it got pretty intense. There was a lot of laughing and some fierce competition. You wrap a bunch of candy and small toys in several layers of saran wrap. The ball goes around the circle almost like hot potato.

2. Bottoms Up

We all know that teens like to be silly and have fun. This game is perfect. You tie a ball Christmas ornament from your waist and have it dangling past your behind. You swing your body and try to knock over empty cans-almost like bowling.

3. The Candy Cane Game

This game is pretty simple even younger kids could play. You pile up a bunch of candy canes and try to pick up as many as you can with just your mouth and one other candy cane. The person who gets the most canes wins!

4. Unwrap Hershey Kisses with Gloves

I don’t have a link for this one, but all you need is Hersey kisses and a pair of gloves. The person that can open the most Hersey kisses with the gloves on, in an allotted amount of time wins.

5. The Stocking Game

Here is another one without a link. You fill a thick Christmas stocking with a bunch of small items (like 10). Two teams feel the stockings and trying to figure out what is inside without seeing what is inside. Which ever teams guesses the most items right wins.

For some other ides check out this blog I found


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