10 Amazon Gift Ideas for Teens-$25 or Less

1. Wireless earbuds

I don’t know about your teen, but mine are always losing their earbuds and want to borrow mine, or their fathers or even worse, steal them from each other. So, my first pick is some quality inexpensive earbuds

2. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie

Along the same lines, this hat that has Bluetooth capabilities so earbuds aren’t necessary. It comes in black or grey. Two for one here, keeps their heads warm and keeps them happy listening to their music.

3. Window Breaker/Seat belt Cutter

My kids aren’t driving yet, but will be soon. I am a worry wart anyway and I can’t imagine what it will be like when they are actually driving around! This gift idea is great for your teen driver to keep in their cars at all times.

4. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

As my kids get older I have noticed that the showers get longer and longer. They bring their phones into the bathroom, put it on the sink and blare their music. With this gift idea they will still listen to music, but it won’t have to be quiet so loud because the speaker will be in the shower with them.

5. Rapid Ramen Cooker

My son is a very picky eater so I always keep Ramon noodles in the house. He makes himself those if he doesn’t like what is on the menu for dinner. He hates cooking them on the stove because it takes too long to boil. Heaven forbid he is away from his video game for too long! This gift idea is ideal for your teen who is constantly eating Ramon noodles.

6. Toy Gun Alarm Clock

I may want this clock for myself. I mean who has not thought of shooting up their alarm clock?? This is a great idea, wake up in the morning and shoot the damn thing everyday. I know that would put a smile on my face!

7. The Body Wipe

Remember back in high school when you had to take showers after gym class. It was awful and embarrassing. I hated people seeing me naked and was so self conscious. I am sure it is just as embarrassing for our children. This fairly new product can be used in place of a shower.

Just use a wipe to clean your body and you are clean and fresh.

*Here is the woman’s version

8. Color Changing Speaker

Your teen can use this on their bedside table. Great to use in the middle of the night for those bathroom trips. It can be used on their desk as they do homework. Then when they are done they can connect their phone and it is a Bluetooth speaker. The best part about it, is that it changes color so your kids will love it.

9. Wireless Charging Pad

You can have one of these in every room of the house and not have to worry about your child losing their power cord or breaking breaking them. I don’t know how many cords my kids have ruined over the years.

10. Gift Card

Still don’t know what to get the teen in your life? Gift cards are always a safe bet. Let them decide what they want to purchase.


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