Halloween not Ho-ween

Have you ever noticed that there a lot of woman/teens out there that choose to use Halloween as an excuse to dress like whores for the day? I mean seriously, have you seen some of these costumes? Even the costume names are ridiculous like “Bad Habit Nun Costume” or “Woman’s Harbor Hottie Sailor Costume”. What a joke. A lot of websites even have a category specifically for sexy costumes.

Can you imagine if a hunter really dressed like this??? How would she even run in that tight ass dress? Not to mention trying to run from a tiger in those heals! It is just crazy. I mean what are we teaching our daughters? That is ok to dress like a slut as long as you only do it on Halloween? Not to mention all the smaller children that see these costumes and think that nurses and police officers really dress like that! Why not focus on the job itself and not emphasize the size of your boobs?

I know what you are thinking, my daughter is in high school and too old to trick or treat. Yes, you are probably right, but there are Halloween parties and Halloween themed dances at school. Don’t just think that because they are in high school you don’t need to worry about them dressing up like Hoe’s. Your safest bet of course is to have the party at your house, so you can keep an eye on her and monitor what she puts on her body. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work a few decorations and some food and you are all set.

Halloween is when people are suppose to have fun with it and let loose, but when did Halloween stop being about things that are scary and start being about things that are trashy. Even the little kids costumes are getting a little ridiculous. Like this one called Police Offer Costume, that has the child wearing a skirt! I mean come on! I have never seen a police officer wearing a skirt as part of their uniform to patrol the streets! Another costume that blew my mind was Snow White. From what I can remember from this popular fairy tale Snow White wore a long dress. This costume is short that if your daughter bends over, everyone is seeing her goods!

Some may call me old fashion or too strict, but I don’t care, my daughter will not be walking around with her boobs hanging out or her butt cheeks showing on Halloween or any other day for that matter.

There are plenty of costumes out there for your teen that is appropriate, trendy and clever that your teen can wear. Come on people, let’s teach our teens that just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean we have to throw modesty to the wind. I have composed a list of costumes that your teen will love that is for Halloween and not Ho-ween.

1. Teen spooky Angel

2. Wonder Woman

3. Princes Leia

4. American Horror Story White Nun

5. Cleopatra

6. Magical Unicorn

7. Little Mermaid Ariel

8. Police Woman Costume

9. Assassins Creed Ezio

10. Captain America-Woman’s


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