Yes! I can Just Drop Off

It has finally come!  They day I have been waiting for!  Math Carnival is tonight at the kids school and I can just drop them off!!!! I don’t have to stand around and wait for them to be done hanging with their friends.  All these years of going to school functions and standing around looking like a loser, are no longer!!!!

Up until now I would walk into the school cafeteria and my children would take off and hang with their friends and I would stand there looking like an idiot.  We moved to this town about 5 years ago and I still don’t have a lot of friends.  So, I usually stand by myself and play on my phone or walk around aimlessly.  Then I would bug my kids to leave after awhile.  Well, not anymore!!!! Nope! Tonight I am going to walk my children in, do my rounds and get the hell out of there!  I will be back in a couple of hours to pick you up! Bye bye!


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