Working From Home Yays and Nays

I work from home full time for an insurance company as a supervisor. I do go into the office 1x a month and have talked a little about that in a previous blog –My Trusty Black Pants.   I love working from home and will continue to do so likely until my kids graduate from high school (5 years). I wanted to share with you some yays and nays about working from home:


1. I am home for my kids when they get home from school

2. I can go to all their school functions

3. I make it to all their practices, meets and games

4. I can work in my pj’s

5. I save on wear and tear of my vechicle

6. I save on gas money

7. I save on clothes

8. My schedule is flexible so I can go to appointments

9. I am home before dark!  LOL!

10. I save on data-I am always on wifi!

11. I can volunteer at kids school


1. My kids think I am their personal assistant-if they forget something at home they expect me to run right down to the school and drop it off

2. People are constantly asking me to pick up their kids, watch their kids, drop off their kids-with no reciprocity.

3. My husband says because I am on the phone all day I should make all the calls for the house- like the cell phone company.  UGH! Worst job every!

4. I have no motivation to get out of sweatpants-hubby had to threaten with divorce in order for me to get dressed (so now I wear yoga pants)

5. I have no excuse for not volunteering at the kids school

6. I can go to kid’s functions-sometimes I just don’t want to go.

Check out my Youtube channel to enjoy the video on this as well. 

I am extremely grateful that I get to work from home and I appreciate everything that I have.


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