Purple Beast

For a brief stint my husband and I had this awful, old purple station wagon.  Yes it was purple!!!  I hated that stupid thing.  I always felt like it was driving a clown car.  I would drive an hour to work everyday in that damn thing.  Both of my kids were still very young and I was just exhausted from the long commute and having two children still in diapers at home.  Money was extremely tight back then and we did what we could to make ends meet.  There were many times when I would drive to work on fumes on payday and hope I would make it!

I didn’t really pay much attention to the maintenance of our vehicles because my husband does all of the that.  He handles the car maintenance and anything that needs fixing really.  I just drove it and was oblivious to anything about the car or how it worked.  I knew that Hubby would take care of any issue or problem with my car, so I didn’t need to worry.

One day I go to leave work and the purple beast won’t start.  I tried several times and was getting furious!  What the hell is wrong with this stupid piece of crap.  So, I called my husband and he is asking me a bunch of questions and one of them was “Did you run out of gas”?  What?  How absurd!  Of course I didn’t run out of gas, I am not a moron. I knew how to read a gas gauge.  There was definitely gas in it, not a lot, but there was some in there.  Luckily he was working in town that day and said he would be by shortly to figure out what was wrong with it.

After a little while he shows up and gets out of his car with a gas can.  I reassured him that I was not an idiot and there was plenty of gas in the car.  He looked at the gas gauge and said that there was no gas in it.  So, I say “but the gas light never came on”.  YUP!  He started to laugh and started to pour the gas into the beast.  I said what is so funny?  He proceeded to tell me that the purple beast did not have a gas light!  

Seriously!  Yeah, I was definitely that girl!  I don’t know why I thought the stupid thing had a gas light.  I was old and on its last leg, why would it have one of those?

Needless to say, to this day, my husband still makes fun of me for this!  He brings it up and laughs every time!  Whatever!  Lesson learned! 


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