My Trusty Black Pants

Every month I go through the same thing the night before I have to go into the office.  What the hell am I going to wear??? My normal daily attire is either pajama pants or yoga pants with a t-shirt or a hoodie.  

The other day I am searching through my closet trying to find something to wear to the office, yet again.  I got nothing!  So, Rylee (my daughter) decides she is going to help me find something to wear.  So, she starts taking items out of my closet and putting them on the bed.  In my mind I am thinking, yeah I am not wearing that, nope doesn’t fit or I have nothing that matches with that.  After she gets everything laid out on the bed she starts holding them up with other items trying to make an outfit.  I kept nixing all of them.  She got frustrated and was like you are on your own!

Yeah I know!  So, yet again I wore my black pants a black shirt and a cardigan sweater and I swore to buy myself some new clothes.  Yeah I made that same promise time I went to the office.  I just hate shopping and I don’t like those dressing room mirrors and I am so picky!  So, I just avoid the whole scene!  So, next month I am sure it will be the same thing.  Thank goodness for black pants.


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