Gossiping Girls

Last night on the way home, my daughter turns to me and says that she loves our talks in the car.  She said it is like the car is our safe haven and we can talk about whatever and whoever we want and it is just us listening.  That warmed my heart!

We do have some very interesting conversations in the car.  Last night we had a conversation about marijuana. She kept calling the pipe a syringe and I had to correct her.  I explained the differences between a pipe that is used to smoke marijuana and a syringe that is used to injection heroin.  It was very enlightening for both of us. It made me realize that I have a pretty good kid and that she is definitely not smoking marijuana or doing heroin. PHEW!

Most of the conversations we have are about people we know and things that they are doing.  There is a lot of complaining and a lot of laughing. We bond while we make fun of others. It is great!  Now, stop right there. I know some people are probably going to say that I shouldn’t allow my daughter to make fun of others.  Well, to you I say screw off!

Like my daughter said the car is our safe haven, where we can freely voice our opinions on someone’s outfit or choice of significant other.  I want my daughter to feel like she can say anything to me and I will understand So, if she doesn’t like Aunt Alice’s boyfriend or Cousin Frank’s ugly pants??? She can voice that in our safe haven. (fictitious names/people)

Outside of the safe haven she is taught to be respectful of others and she is very kind.  She is the one that is always standing up for others and does not say an ill word of anyone.  Well, except if they are being rude to her first, but I am okay with that. I want her to be kind, but also know when to punch someone in the face!  

These car rides becoming few and far between.  Soon she will be driving on her own. I cherish every ride we have.  I savor all the laughing, joking, criticizing, and judging that she can dish out.  She is growing up fast and I hope our little chats don’t stop, even if they have to be on the phone in the middle of the night!  We will create a new safe haven!


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