5 Amazon Products To Help You With Your Apple Baked Goods

1. Apple/peeler/corer/slicer

This cuts your time in half. It takes less than a minute to peel, core and slice an apple! The kids love using it too so you could get out of this whole process!

2. A corer

If you don’t want or have the corer/peeler/slicer and jus want something simple, this is the tool for you. It works great when I am making apple chips and I want to leave the skin on. i just corer them and slice them up.

3. Pie Plates

If you went apple picking, you have to make a pie. Whether it be classic apple pie or carmel apple crumb pie, everyone needs pie plates.

4. Pie Crust Cutters

Ok you don’t need these, but they make your pies look so professional. Just cut some dough and place it on top of your pie and people will think you bought it from a bakery!

5. The Apple Lovers Cookbook

This cookbook has a ton of great apple recipes. If you love apple picking as much as I do, you need this cookbook!


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