Back to School Morning Routine

  1. Set your alarm for 20 minutes before you want to get up (do night before)

  2. Hit snooze

  3. Hit snooze again

  4. Swear at your alarm

  5. Shut your alarm off

  6. Go to the bathroom

  7. Drag your ass to the kitchen

  8. Start a pot of coffee

  9. Go to your children’s rooms and tell them it is time to get up

  10. Prepare a cup of coffee

  11. Set out bowls, spoons and cereal

  12. Go back to your children’s rooms and threaten to move up their bed time if they don’t get out of bed

  13. Ensure your children take their vitamins

  14. While they are eating get dressed – in yoga pants and a t-shirt

  15. Put hair in a bun

  16. Place breakfast dishes in the sink

  17. Make your children’s lunches

  18. Threaten to beat your child’s ass if they miss the bus

  19. Ensure your child brushes their teeth and washes their face

  20. Help with any hair styles

  21. Remind kids to put their homework in backpacks

  22. Remind kids to grab their lunch

  23. Feed the animals

  24. Tell the kids to go outside and wait for the bus

  25. Run after your child with their lunch box

  26. Yell I love you really loud as the bus approaches

  27. Wave goodbye vigorously as they get on the bus

  28. Notice that your child forgot their homework

  29. Drive to school to drop off homework

  30. Go home and heat up your coffee in the microwave


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