We're All Hot and Bothered

It has been in the 90’s for the past few days here in New Hampshire, which is an unusually high temperature for us. Everyone is sweaty and smelly! It is like a sauna in some parts of my house. We do have an AC going, but not in any of the bedrooms. Not sure why, I need to get on that! I generally plant my face next to the fan and call it a night. As long as my face doesn’t get more than 6 inches away from it, I am all set. My kids on the other hand are just cranky, whinny balls of heat.

They are irritable and it just makes it worse for them. They are always fighting, but it is worse in really high temperatures. It is like the heat is frying their brains. They can’t be in the same room for more than a minute without one of them screaming. This makes me crazy because I then have to leave my six inch comfort zone to find out what the hell is going on. So, I start yelling and acting like a lunatic because I am now dripping with sweat.

I figured I would take them to the town beach, which is only about 15 minutes away. The kids are so excited when I say we can go to the beach after I get out of work. They do my summer points system and have to earn 500 points a day in order to use their electronics. However, on the day we go to the beach they only have to earn 400 because I give them 100 points for swimming at the beach. That means they can have their electronics back sooner because I don’t make them wait until after we go to the beach. I need to keep my sanity somehow! It is worth it to me, they are outside being active and I get to sit and relax on the beach, enjoying the nice cool breeze.

Before we venture out into the blazing hot sun, the fighting commences. They can’t find their bathing suits, they don’t have clean towels (watch my video about their towel situation) or one of them isn’t moving fast enough. Finally after searching, sweating and screaming we leave the house.

In the driveway a new argument arises over who is going to sit in the front seat. There is a lot of pushing, pulling and name calling throughout this whole process. I just stand there and laugh because I know whose turn it is already. After a few minutes I let them know whose turn it is and the other one angrily climbs in the back seat. In the summer I drive a two door 1991, VW Cabriolet, which I absolutely love.

However, it sucks when you have to crawl in the back. Well, sucks for them, not me I don’t give a crap. Now we are ready to go to the beach, thank goodness!

I pull into the parking lot and immediately scan for familiar cars. It is a frightening experience as a parent to pull into a parking lot and see that car. You know the car I mean, the one that “she” drives, the parent that annoys the shit out of you (watch video). So, now I am grumpy and grateful that we are finally here. Now who is going to carry my chair?

The kids take off and I slowly walk the path to the beach, which isn’t far, but a little bit of a walk. I get there and usually there is a picnic table available, so I can spread out belongings out. I don’t usually bring a lot of things with us because we are so close, we can go home to eat. I do bring drinks to keep the kids hydrated though!

On good days there a few parents there that I actually like to converse with, that makes it way more enjoyable for me. The kids usually find others to play with and pretty much leave me alone while we are there. If they do start to bother me I just threaten them with going home and back in the water they go.

Since we go pretty regularly, we don’t frequently stay that long. Time to go and the kids take off back to the car. I am stuck carrying all of our crap and folding up my chair. Then, I make the trek back to the car. It is way more difficult on the way back because I am sweaty and tired. You see I don’t enjoy water or being wet, so I stay out of the water. I do get to cool off a bit though due to the colder temperatures by the water. I am not nearly as cooled off as they are.

Back at the car there is again another fight on who is going to sit in the front seat. Seriously! Whoever sat in the front on the way here sits in the back on the way home. UGH! It’s not rocket science people! By this time I am dripping in sweat because we are not moving and the heat is just filling the car. I start to yell and I am sure people are staring, but at this point I don’t give a crap. They get into their seats and we can finally leave!

I pull in the driveway and get out of the car and it is still like an oven outside. Luckily we have an AC in the dining room right by the door. So, it is refreshing to walk in after being outside. However, the further you walk into the house the hotter it gets. So, back to my six inch radius in front of the fan!


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