10 Of My Favorite Discipline Techniques I Use on My Teens

10. Unable to go to their friend’s house

-Their friend has a pool or they were invited to a slumber party; your child will not like having to be excluded.

9. Make them do extra chores

-All kids hate chores, so if you make them do the chores that you absolutely hate to do when they are being punished is a win for you! The ceiling fan isn’t going to clean itself!

8. Make them go with me while I do errands (grocery Shopping)

-My kids hate going grocery shopping with me. We live about 40 minutes from the store and it takes a few hours, so they HATE it!

7. Limit their screen time

-If their grades aren’t where they should be set a limit on their screen time. I usually will say 1 hour a day depending on what they are being punished for.

6. Turn off Wi-Fi

-They hate this one. Even if you just change the Wi-Fi password so they can’t use it. This is great because they get so pissed that everyone else is on their electronics and they aren’t!

5. Only allow them to watch what everyone else wants on TV (like sister’s princess movies)

-I like using this on my son, because my daughter watches a lot of princess movies and girly shows that he hates. It is great to watch his faces during the shows!

4. Have them help relatives with hard chores

-Manual labor is always a great motivator for kids to improve their behavior. It is also nice to teach them to help others. So, send them to grandma’s house to clean out the attic or the garage!

3. Make then do yard work

-Raking, gardening or mowing the lawn is hard work and it gets them outside. So again a win for you!

2. Empty their room of everything but their bed

-If they behavior is extremely bad and you are sick of their shit, this works great. They have a mattress on the floor and that is it. No toys, TV, electronics, decorations. NOTHING! Remind them that without you they have no possessions!

1. Take away electronics

-I purposely give my kids electronics, just so I can take them away! This really bother’s them. How will they ever know what is going on with YouTube if they don’t have their phone!


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