Anniversary Stress

This year marks my 10 year anniversary! I know. Yay for us, right? I am so happy we made it this far and we have had a bumpy road at times, but we work on it and remain in love. For a long time, I was adamant that I wanted to renew our vows at our 10 year anniversary. I wanted to wear my dress again and have a great big party. Then life happened. I realized there are so many other things on which I would like to spend that money.

We don’t usually celebrate holidays and we don’t usually do gifts either. However, I always try to do something. My husband is very difficult to buy for because he has everything he wants that we can afford. I would love to buy him a hotrod or have a new garage built, but that is not in the budget. I try to think of things that I know he will like. I bought him a Volkswagen T-shirt once for Valentine’s Day; I would buy him tins of cashews because those are his favorite. I am just at a loss on what to do for this anniversary.

He is not very romantic and he works crazy hours. I can never just plan something, like going out to dinner or a weekend away. I have thought about lingerie, but I am just not confident enough to go out and try on that kind of shit.

My other issue is that I ALWAYS wait until the last minute. Since I wait, it is not like I can just order something. Today is our actual anniversary. I wanted to get a cheesecake from the store in town that he loves. I called and found out the guy that makes them is out of town. UGH! Why do I wait until the last minute? So, now I am stressed about what to get him.

Tools, now there is an idea, right? Nope! He has every tool known to man and the ones he doesn’t have, I wouldn’t know where to get or where to ask. It is so stressful to try to get him anything. He is t so particular about stuff.

He is a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy too. I don’t want to simply go buy him some white t-shirts. He wears an odd size jean too. This means he has to try them on before he buys them too. He would never wear a sweater, polo shirt or button down.

I am much more simple to buy for, of this I am certain. I would be happy with flowers, chocolate or a poem. A candle light dinner would be fantastic. However, my husband would not really appreciate any of these things. He is pretty much happy with just a “Happy Anniversary” and maybe some sort of sexual favor, but other than that he is good.

So, every year, I stress for days before our anniversary and get him something stupid. He always says thank you and we move on about our evening. Maybe I should just stop stressing and move on! I am almost positive he is not stressing over what to get me!


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