What Happened in Buffalo Didn’t Stay in Buffalo

I know I haven’t done a Flashback Friday in a long time, so I wanted to share a story from a couple of months ago. My sister and I went to Buffalo for a weekend a few months back and got to visit some of the places where we grew up. We visited some friends, ate some great food and went to my father’s grave site. It was a great trip! My sister shared some of our experience on her YouTube channel Shelly and Heather’s Interesting Travels.

There were, however, some funny things that happened while we were visiting this great city. I am going to start with the first night that we were there. I went to visit my childhood friend, Jennifer. I apparently typed the wrong house number into the GPS. My sister pulls up in front of the house, I get out of the car and walk up to her house. It is freezing and I am trying to text Jen to let her know that I was there. Of course, my phone is being stupid and it is not working. So, I knock on the door and no one answers. I am shivering at this point and I don’t understand what the hell is taking her so long to answer the damn door. I am fumbling around to find the text with the house number so I can verify that I have the right house. Finally, a little old woman answers the door and of course she won’t open the door all the way, so I am yelling through the glass trying to find out what number the house was. She was not impressed and was probably very pissed off because I probably woke her up. I gave up and told the woman I had the wrong house, she slammed the door in my face.

The damn phone finally started to work and I was able to verify the house number. I walk across the street and knock on the correct door. Of course Jen answers right away, but by this time I was frozen solid. I was shivering uncontrollably She and her man must have thought I was having a seizure! It was all worth it because I got to meet her daughter. I of course instantly fell in love with that beautiful little girl.

We stayed at The Adam’s Mark Hotel, which was beautiful and we loved it, but there were some issues while we were trying to sleep the first night. My sister and I were exhausted after the long drive from Keene to Buffalo. We fell right to sleep, but our dreams were abruptly interrupted by some jackasses in the hallway! They were screaming, yelling and running down the halls at 3:30 in the morning. They were banging on someone’s door screaming “housekeeping”! Seriously! Shut the hell up! This went on for like an hour. It was bull shit! I just can’t believe how rude people are. It was a Thursday night too. I felt bad for anyone that was there on business, because you definitely weren’t getting any sleep. I mean we weren’t on spring break! (Video or our reactions that morning)

Of course we had to have some of our favorite food, while we were in town. Ted’s hot dogs was one of our first stops. We both enjoyed foot long hot dogs and my sister had a loganberry drink. I think the drink was too sweet, but she enjoyed it. The next food of choice was REAL chicken wings. We decided to go to Caputi’s and the wings were amazing! Sponge candy from Fowler’s had to be bought by Heather. She of course bought a ton of it! It was only a short trip so there was not enough time to get any pizza, which I am still very bummed about. I find that the pizza where I live just isn’t very good!

While we were in town, my sister wanted to buy some Buffalo Bills and Sabres fabric to make crafts for Christmas. So, we decided to go to Joann Fabrics. We are used to small stores in New Hampshire, and we were not accustomed to having to pick a number when waiting to get fabric cut. We are first in line standing at the counter and we waited for what seemed like forever for the woman to come. She finally arrives and calls out a number like we are at the damn deli. The woman behind us pushes her cart around us and went right up to the counter. She didn’t even blink! She didn’t look on our direction. I was like what the hell! I said “HOW RUDE”. The woman that was still left in line said that even though I was wearing a Patriot’s sweatshirt, she would give me her number because she agreed it was rude for that woman to cut me! I continued to complain about the rude bitch that cut us for hours! As you can tell I am still a little bitter.

The next day we had breakfast at my cousin’s restaurant Greek on The Street. It was great to see all my cousins after about 20 years. We laughed and enjoyed all of the great conversation and reminiscing of times with my dad. My cousin even gave us a CD of my father’s old radio program. This was a wonderful surprise since we hadn’t heard my father’s voice in almost 14 years. After breakfast we drove to the cemetery where my father and grandmother were buried.

At the cemetery it took us a little while to find the grave sites. We were walking around trying to find other relatives as well. A lot of our family members are also buried in this cemetery. At this point I needed to use the bathroom very badly. I seriously thought I was going to pee my pants! Of course there was no bathroom! I mean we were in a cemetery after all. So, I begged my sister to drive to the far back of the cemetery where there were no graves so I could pee outside. Now I hate peeing outside! I usually physically can’t do it. My body is like NOPE! No way this is not a toilet! So, you know I really had to go! My sister was making fun of me the entire time, which didn’t help at all.

After relieving myself we went back to my father’s grave, as well as my YiaYia’s grave. We visited all the graves of our relatives to before we left. It was nice to reminisce of when we were younger and telling funny stories from family gatherings.

On our way out of the cemetery we decided to listen to the CD that our cousin gave us with my Dad’s radio program on it. We put the CD in the player and heard my father’s voice for like 5 seconds and then the damn thing stopped working! It ate the CD and wouldn’t eject it! So, we couldn’t listen to it anymore. My sister got the bright idea to put another CD in there to see if it would push my Dad’s CD out. No, that didn’t work it just ate the Michael Jackson CD instead. So, now every time my sister turns on her radio she hears Michael Jackson.

After two days it was time to leave, which was bitter sweet. I was glad to go home and see my babies, but I was sad to leave Buffalo. We met our friends and my new favorite little person for brunch. We all hugged goodbye and set off on our long drive home. Of course, my sister wanted to make one last stop before we left the city. She just had to get weck rolls. So, we stop at the grocery store to get weck rolls, snacks and drinks for our ride home. We check out and there are four bags full or our stuff. I grab two and walk out to the car. We are about two hours into our drive and Heather asks me to open the bag with the weck rolls so they can breathe. I reach in the back and start looking through bags and I can’t find the damn rolls. I asked where she put the bags when she brought them into the car. She said that she didn’t carry any bags from the grocery store to the car. What! So, she left two bags at the checkout and of course the weck rolls were in one of those bags! Ha Ha! She was so pissed and I just laughed.

I guess Heather was really pissed off about the weck rolls because she was speeding and ended up getting pulled over! She received a ticket in Schenectady, New York. The cop was a real asshole and there is a very funny video of me making fun of Heather for her actions while speaking to the cop.

All and all it was a great trip, I reconnected with a very good friend of mine, met the sweetest little girl and spent time with family. Oh and I got in some great sister bonding time! I can’t wait for our next road trip together!


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