Damn it NO Rice!

Today was Thomas’s turn to make dinner. He had chose General Tso Chicken when I did my grocery shopping earlier in the week. He of course was not looking forward to it. I gave him plenty of reminders though. As soon as he walked in the house after school I told him he had about an hour and a half and then he would need to start dinner. He turned around and whined all the way to his room.

When it came to cook dinner, Thomas was outside bringing in wood for his sister. Of course it was all covered in snow and buried, so he was all pissed off. Being the nice mom that I am, I started with out him. You think he was appreciative?? NOPE!

We get the chicken in the oven and it is time to make the sauce and Thomas asks if he can just go to his room. I said no and he starts complaining that he was tired he just had to bring in a bunch of wood! Seriously! Cry me a river kid.

The chicken is done and we are mixing it and there is not enough sauce to cover all the chicken, so I said I would eat the chicken with no sauce. Of course I am the mom and I have to make sacrifices and shit.

I start plating dinner and realized,

damn it no rice. Thomas is like who cares we don’t need it. So, I ask Rylee if she wants rice and she nods. Thomas gets pissed and called her something (I don’t even remember what it was). Then Rylee says never mind. I tell her I will make some if she wants it but it is going to be like 20 minutes. She says no I am good.

Thank goodness because if I had to spend another minute in the kitchen with his whiny ass I was going to pull all my hair out!

The recipe is on my page under what the kids are cooking, but here is the recipe. The kids said it was good but a little spicy. I tried it and I didn’t think it was. Just a side note that if you like a lot of sauce you might want to double the sauce portion of the recipe.


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