Why She Hates me Now

My daughter’s 14th birthday is next month and she has been asking to have a few of her friends sleep over. I told her I would think about. Well, I just told her that she could have 3 friends over. She wanted to have five sleep over. So, I said here is the deal if you clean up the shit hole that you call your room I will let you do that. She said fine as long as I don’t have to clean my closet. Now, her closet has no doors on it and it takes up 3/4 of one of her walls. The contents are spilling out all over the place. There is no rhyme or reason and every time I walk in there it drives me crazy! Her come back was, “Ok I will just have 4 people sleep over”. Wait so you think by reducing the number of kids that sleep over will make me change my mind??? Uh NO! I told her I want the room clean! She started giving me the I hate you glare and the attitude was creeping its way out. She was like fine forget it I won’t have any of my friends over. I said it’s not my fault your friends can’t come over. It is embarrassing for anyone to see it the way it is now. She started to get up from the table and storm off and I said you obviously don’t want your friends to come over that bad or you would clean up your room!!!! Yeah I got the door slam after that.


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