Mom has a freak out!

I have a smaller SUV that has been out of commission for a few weeks. So, I need to use my husband’s truck to get around right now. He has a big crew cab ford F150. I am only 5’2″ and I have to practically jump into that thing and pray I don’t fall back out.

I drove it last night to visit some friends and it was about a 45 minute drive home. I was tired when I got home and I had picked up some dinner for the kids. When I got out of the truck I was preoccupied and quickly went into the house.

The next day I had to go grocery shopping, so I tell my daughter to go start the truck because it is damn cold outside. She comes back in and says that the truck won’t start. I was like whatever, I will go do it myself. Well, she was right! I am not sure if I left the lights on or a door open or what, but the battery was dead. UGH! Seriously. I tried to see if one of my friends that lived close by could come and jump it, she wasn’t home. So, I had to jump the damn thing with my broken down SUV, which I wasn’t sure I was supposed to do. I am not sure what is wrong with it, but I was not going to be stranded. I also was not going to call my husband. You see these things tend to happen to me a lot and if I called him he would make fun of me for the rest of my life about it. I just don’t want to provide him any more ammunition.

I pop the hood of the truck and tell Rylee to grab the jumper cables out of the back of the truck. I have her get my car all ready to jump the truck. Well, I can’t get the damn hood open on the truck. I can see the lever that you need to push to unlock it, but I can’t get my damn hand in there to open it!!! WTF! My fingers are too damn short. So, I ask Rylee to do it and she says she can’t do it. Which, I didn’t understand because she had long skinny fingers! So, at this point I am getting furious. My husband isn’t home and I am ready to lose it. We are both struggling to get the damn thing open. I don’t want to break it or anything so, I am getting extremely frustrated. One thing you need to understand about me, when I get mad I tend to get very pissy, I yell and swear a lot as well. At this point I am just yelling and screaming and I have Rylee go inside and get her brother to help. He comes out and he can’t open the damn thing either. I tell Rylee to search around for something that is long enough to stick in the grill so I can push the damn latch open. We were all able to get are hands in but there but the space was so small we couldn’t get our hands in far enough to reach the latch. Rylee ended up getting a little cut on the top of her hand. I just didn’t understand why this was being so damn difficult. I know that Mike’s hand’s are bigger than mine and he seems to open it with no damn issues. We finally find a screwdriver that is long enough to get in there and I tell Thomas to pull the hood lever again, maybe I hadn’t opened it all the way last time. He is searching all over to find the damn thing. I am getting more and more pissed off so I am yelling at him to pull the damn lever. He finally says I don’t know where the damn lever is. So, I again said never mind and I went and did it myself. I go back to the front of the truck and stick the screwdriver in the grill and finally the damn thing opens. FINALLY!

We get the jumper cables hooked up and get the truck started. I start to calm down now and both the kids are giving me the dagger eyes! I could tell by the looks on their faces they wanted to tell me to get bent, but they knew not to test me at that moment.

Rylee and I get in the car and we are on our way to the grocery store. I look over at her and she has the pissiest look on her face! I try to talk to her and she doesn’t say a word. I try to grab her hand and she moves further away from me. At this point I feel like a total ass. I know that I got way to pissed off over a simple thing like the damn truck hood. OK I have anger issues! I apologize and explain to her that I was not mad at her, I was just mad in general. I told her that when I get like that I am just so mad I don’t know what to do so I just yell. I am not mad at her I am mad at the situation. She still is not talking to me. So, I try to lighten the mood with humor. I ask how long she was going to be mad? She says she doesn’t know. So, I say “Is it going to be like 5 minutes, 15 minutes or closer to a half an hour”. She screams “I don’t know”. Me being the smart ass that I am, I say “OK so like a half hour then”. She was trying so hard not to smile, so she turns her body away from me and looks out the window. She ended up speaking to me in like 5 minutes!

I know, I know I am asshole! I am sorry. I felt bad, but like I said to her I wasn’t mad at her I was mad at the situation. We went to the grocery store and everything was fine, well except for those 5 types of people from my previous blog (check it out here). I even bought her a pack of Peeps!

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