What my kids are cooking

As parents we all do what we can to try to make sure then when the kids leave the nest they are prepared for the world. One of the things I do is have my kids make dinner once a week. So, every week when I am making my grocery list I have them pick a dinner they want to make and add the ingredients to my list. Then I decide when they are going to make their meal for the week.

The day it is their turn to make the meal they take the recipe (usually found on Pinterest) and they start gathering their ingredients. Now this doesn’t get me off the hook at all. I am there helping to ensure they are using the correct measurements (Tps and Tbs really confuses them). I supervise the oven temperature and ensure they are following the recipe.

So, I know when they leave home they are capable of cooking a meal and not just cooking up Ramen noodles. Sometimes this does back fire on me. Like tonight Rylee picked a drumstick recipe and I hate drumsticks, so I just cooked up some tenders to go along with it.

I have added a new page to my website that will show eveyone what my kids are cooking every week and I will link it to the recipe on Pinterest. Hopefully this will help you to encourage to cook with your kids or to give you some yummy dinner ideas.

This week Thomas picked boxed chicken tenders so only one recipe on the site today, but check in weekly for more ideas!

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