Spit on by a 3 year old

We decided to go and get a quick dinner at a dinner not to far from our house. It recently opened this location and it was busy. There was a 20-25 minute wait when we got there. So we are waiting for our turn, when a group of teenagers walk in. Now I always use these opportunities to show my daughter how kids look when they are out in public, in hopes that she will think twice about doing some of these things. She is13 years old and she is slowly starting to venture out into public without me, so I want to make sure she makes smart choices. One of the girls had gray leggings on with a shirt that did not cover her butt. I pointed out to Rylee how unattractive that was and that you could see the outline of her thong! I mean she was probably 16 years old. Why the hell does a 16 year need to wear a thong anyways. I am always reminding Rylee that when she wears leggings or stretch pants to wear a longer shirt because even if you have a nice butt it still doesn’t look tasteful!

Now back to my original reason for this post. While we were waiting for our table this couple walks in with the adorable daughter, who was likely 3 or so. She was so cute and was playing with a little bouncy ball. Both my husband agreed that she was adorable. So, we get seated and the couple gets seated right behind us. The girl starts playing peek a boo. It was so cute, so we thought! Then she pops up and starts blowing spit at us and laughing. I was like what the hell! Of course I didn’t say that I was too busy laughing. The parents scolded her and told her that was not ok and she stopped, which was great! She continued to play peek a boo with Mike until he told her to be careful because my son was timid and he might get nightmares. She didn’t know what to make of that, but her parents thought it was pretty funny. She turned around and we didn’t see her again.

I do want to know that I appreciate that her parents were on top of her behavior. When she first started playing peek a boo, she told her to stop bothering us and Mikey told them it was ok, we didn’t mind. Which I thought was nice because usually parents don’t care if their kids is annoying the crap out of you at a restaurant. Then the scolded her for spitting at us! Parent win for them!


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