OMG is he being murdered

Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not sleep well. I am up several times through out the night, so Saturday mornings I am in bed until like 8:30. This morning there was a rare occasion that I was sleeping soundly. AAAAhhhh I was in dreamland heaven. All of a sudden my dream was rudely interrupted by these blood curdling screams coming from what I thought was my daughter. So, I am trying to wake up and searching frantically for my glasses. I found them and the screaming continued. Then I hear my son yell, “shut up you idiot”! What the hell I was woken up from by beautiful slumber by my son screaming at his friends while playing his stupid video games!!! WTH! I was so pissed, so I had to lecture my son on being selfish! It is freaking Saturday! SHUT UP KID!


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