343 Calories left

So, about a month ago I downloaded this app called Myfitnesspal. You enter your weight and what you would like to weigh, the in tells you how many calories you are “allowed” to eat to reach you weight loss goal. Now I really want to lose weight, don’t get me wrong, but I am EXTREMELY lazy. I want to work out, but it is soooooo much work! So, I at least try to watch my calorie intake. I have eaten, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a few snacks today and I now have 343 calories left to eat. This is fabulous because yesterday I definitely went over my recommended calorie intake allowance.

I am so ridiculous-I am actually sitting here thinking about what I can eat that is under those 343 calories. you know what won out- Yogurt, Lit and Fit strawberry Cheesecake. It is actually only 80 calories, so I could eat even more if I wanted too. I am going to try to call it a day after that, but it is only 8:30!

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