What You Will Find On This Site

I am starting a homestead from scratch and my posts will be all about the projects I am completing around the homestead. You can follow along as I learn all new skills like sewing, knitting, gardening, raising animals, canning and cooking from scratch. You can also following along on my Youtube channel Hollydays Homestead

My Latest Blog Posts

5 Things To Do On The Homestead in The Winter

This is something that I have just started getting into the last couple of years.  I am currently really working hard on crochet.  I have made so many fun projects.  I have also done some sewing, but I really need to work on that skill.  You can make a ton of useful items and gifts,…

A Better Way To Do Laundry

I really wanted to use something natural and not rely on chemicals and commercial cleaners to clean my clothes

Bringing Home Chicks

Well, the day finally came and I got the call from the post office that my chicks were ready to be picked up.

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